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pjur celebrates all aspects of love:


pjur wants to improve your quality of sex and life. We help you rediscover your passion and joy, enable you to enjoy carefree sex and increase your sexual wellbeing. We support you as you get to know yourself and embrace your sex life free from taboos. Because a fulfilled sex life increases self-confidence and is the basis for good quality of life.

And we’re proud of that!

This summer we’re not just celebrating the diversity of love – we’re celebrating all the colour of life. We want to take the time to celebrate you and all the many aspects of your love and life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a diva, nerd, softie or explorer, pjur celebrates the colourful, making it the ideal companion on your journey to a satisfied sex life.

Life is colourful – just like you. Be proud of it!

Proud of our values:

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pjur considers and respects all kinds of sexuality, sexual identity and sexual preferences. We stand for self-determination and self-realization in a world of diversity. We embody:



Be curious – we’ll be there for you: pjur products help you embrace joy, adventure and intimacy. So: stay curious about your desire!



We make no compromises when it comes to quality! We strive to always be better and develop ourselves, so that we are always able to support you and your sex life in the best way we can.


We set high standards for ourselves and our products, so we can protect your safety, trust and wellbeing. You are strong and self-assured – don’t forget it!

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To celebrate Pride Month, we’ve created a box that is not available to purchase. It includes two of our top products – the right thing for every taste – and of course something else rather special as well.


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Alle Facetten der Liebe

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We deal with topics around sexuality and intimacy on our blog. Whether it’s making porn part of foreplay or gender fluid sex positions – every issue is covered.

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